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women with chutzpah advancing women with chutzpah.


We're three Jewish women with chutzpah who have devoted our careers (read: lives) to the Jewish communal world, and we are excited to continue empowering the talented women around us through Chutzpanit Consulting. With group and one-on-one consultation, Chutzpanit Consulting seeks to advance early and mid-career women working in the Jewish professional field. Whether you're looking for help in leveling up in your current role or taking the next step in your career, our team is here to get you there.

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Chutzpanit launched in the summer of 2017 as Chutzpanit: From Campus to the C-Suite, an initiative of the Bronfman Center for Jewish Student Life at NYU. Originally conceived as a mentorship and preparatory program for Jewish college women, Chutzpanit identified the need to support Millennial and Generation Z Jewish women who expressed that they often feel unprepared to recognize and confront gender bias or discrimination in internships, interviews, and lay leadership. As a program devoted to the emotional, spiritual, social, and identity development of emerging professionals, nearly 5 years later, Chutzpanit has been reimagined to serve Jewish women early and mid-career professionals, addressing an unmet need in the field of Jewish communal life through increased access to, and support of, emerging Jewish women professionals in positions of leadership.

Nearly 65% of employees working in the Jewish professional field are women, 41% of which are between the ages of 22-40. As Jewish women professionals ourselves, we know all too well the gaps in leadership, compensation, and opportunity that exist for early and mid-career Jewish women professionals. Except now, we're doing something about it.


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Our logo says it all: the queen is the most powerful piece in the game of chess, able to move any number of squares vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. Just like the queen, our clients learn the necessary strategy to move in their career any way that they want.

Chutzpanit Consulting provides a critical, proactive, intervention to early and mid-career women working in the  Jewish professional field. Through hands-on group and individual consultation, coaching, and mentoring, Chutzpanit strives to elevate, inspire, and encourage clients to enter and navigate the Jewish professional field as confident women, advocates of gender equity and accessibility, and supportive thought leaders to women colleagues and peers.


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