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At Chutzpanit Consulting, we believe in:

  • Creating a vibrant and engaged community of early and mid-career women working in the Jewish professional field

  • Serving as an incubator for ideas, best practices, and policy interventions for the Jewish professional field 

  • Transforming the landscape of the Jewish professional field

  • Leadership that should be reflective of the diverse nature of the Jewish community

  • Empowering clients towards agency

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Our overarching goal of Chutzpanit Consulting is to ensure that clients gain the critical skills, knowledge, confidence, and support to overcome professional and leadership barriers as emerging Jewish women professionals.

♟️  ANALYZE: If this is your first time engaging in intentional discourse around gender equity, welcome to the bright side! An essential goal of our work is to create a thoughtful space for learning and dialogue, as well as offering clear definitions, examples, and resources that address gender inequity, bias, and discrimination.

♟️  ATTACK: Whether it's through our group bootcamp or one-on-one consultation, our goal is for our clients to utilize their newly acquired knowledge -- such as salary negotiation strategies, advocating for flexible work hours, or leveling up in their current roles -- and exercise it in their workplaces.

♟️  CHECKMATE: As our Chutzpanit clients begin to recognize and name aspects of gender inequity in their day-to-day lives, and in turn, apply the strategies learned to confront and address it, we are driving a sea change regarding the way that emerging women professionals are prepared to navigate the Jewish professional field.

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About: Testimonials

“There have been so many times where I’ve witnessed someone saying something sexist, even a friend, and I just didn’t feel comfortable speaking about it. Since I began working with Chutzpanit, I’ve felt more comfortable saying what I mean, speaking up, understanding that what I have to say is valuable and


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